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Monday, August 27, 2012

A Comment Worth Repeating

I found this comment in my Inbox this morning, and thought it was worth a post all by itself:

Sometimes, I feel like the lone responder, but I know there are so many that read your posts and are anxiously awaiting your findings. People keep asking me, because they know that I keep up with your findings and revelations. We all know that Chesapeake and Krancer will practice hiding and deception.

If I could say anything to the good folks that have lost their water and their livelihoods from the releases of methane and, goodness knows what else, from the ill-fated wells they drilled in and around LeRoy, PA, I would say this. "Do you want this nightmare to continue anywhere else in PA and elsewhere? Do you realize that every part of history had pioneers? Do you realize that if you don't cave to the threats and intimidation of these gas companies and their cohorts (the PADEP), you will not only be serving your own interests, but you may (and probably will) be saving so many others. Those others may have small children that are much more susceptible to the effects of the contaminants that you were subjected to.

Please have a heart so that others can avoid the nightmare you have been forced to live at the hands of the gas companies.

We are behind you, in front of you carrying the banner, or wherever you wish us to be. We need you to come forward and do it before anyone else is harmed. We are very sorry for the things that have happened to you, but we are with you and we won't leave you. We will be with you, until the day comes that you don't need us anymore.
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To my anonymous friend: Thank you.
To all:
I am trying my best to work with others on the timing of the release of the Leroy Methane report. It will be the last time I find myself in this situation.
I truly hope it gets the widest distribution possible once it hits the wires. When it's your turn to read it...read every line.

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