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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Dr. Terry Engelder: "To Tell the Truth"

Recently, while visiting my Mom on July 15th, I scanned The Times Leader and noticed that except for a few ads at the bottom, page 4A was covered - from top to bottom - with articles related to natural gas drilling. This was a first for me. While scanning through the articles, I focused on some quotes from Penn State's Dr. Terry Engelder, specifically this one:
"He also states that the Marcellus and other gas shales are “good seals” that wouldn’t allow liquids to pass through."
Read the entire article here.

Now, last time I checked Webster's, in addition to those funny looking marine mammals with whiskers, the definition of seal was:

c (1): a tight and perfect closure (as against the passage of gas or water) (2): a device to prevent the passage or return of gas or air into a pipe or container

Now, lest we forget, this same (?) Dr. Terry Engelder wrote the following to me in an email on 30 November 2009:


There is NO such thing as 100% unfractured/impermeable rock..
My entire post covering that issue can be read here.
Now, since I am absolutely, positively certain that Dr. Engelder is a reputable and honorable man, a man with an iron-clad, vise-like grasp of the facts, a man that is widely-recognized as an expert on the Marcellus Shale formation and hydrofracturing, and an academician that would never, ever intentionally distort the facts...I must simply ask:
Will the REAL Dr. Terry Engelder please stand up?

Have a good weekend, folks.
Enjoy life, family & friends.

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