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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Taxes, Death, FAFSA and More Taxes

From 8 a.m. on, this has been a pencil-pushing paperwork weekend, and I think I'm done. Or I've had enough. Or both.

I spent the morning with our lovely tax lady, and this afternoon was dedicated to my (hopefully) last FAFSA form plus some annual VA fiduciary and NYS guardianship reporting.

Right now, I'm mentally spent...so I'm going to post a few pics, grab a glass of wine, and chill for a few hours until the sun goes down. Then I'll switch to the good stuff ( MD 20/20 ), and start barking at the last waning winter moon of early 2012.

Above - The last waning moon of late Winter @ ~6:30 am 

Below - Taken on Chestnut St. in Philadelphia

Below: The view of Philly's skyline from 30th St/Amtrak Station

Below: Every day contains yet another Marcellus Maalox Moment

Below: One of a gazillion chickadees that frequent our (recycled) bird feeders.

Below: A local Lutheran Church, and a not-so-local Venus & Jupiter

Below: Random pic from the first folder I opened. Laguna Beach, CA

Below: From my Great-grandfather's favorite shotgun

Below: His passing in 1961 was front page news.


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