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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Waning Winter Moon(child)

To all:

Several times ( five, I think ) in my post-college career, at companies like Bank of America, Prudential Home Mortgage, United Jersey Bank and others, I have been recognized/acknowledged as being among the "best of the best" at what I do. There have been accolades ( all expense paid trips to Super Bowl XXX, Boston and CA ), awards, and not-to-shabby bonuses that made my efforts seem worthwhile. Most recently, I was rated a "1" - the highest ranking possible - for my 2011 annual performance review.

And this was by a supervisor 20 years my junior.

My point in all of the above? I know what it takes to get to the top of a chosen endeavor; the effort needed, the strategies that work ( and those that didn't ) and, sometimes, the games that must be played.

I have recognized, for a long time, that this latest challenge is and will ever be an all-or-nothing struggle. The natural gas industry and their bought-and-paid-for puppets - like Doug McLinko, Tom Corbett, Mike Krancer, the SRBC and others - have way too much money, and way too little ethics, to be dealt with on a part-time basis and using conventional strategies.

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