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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Special Request: Unsubscribe Me, PLEASE!

A month or so ago, I began "unsubscribing" from multiple anti-drilling newsgroups. Truth is, I got tired of reading all the self-serving and disingenuous diatribe coming from the fracking "experts" that have sprung up like noxious weeds in a fallow field over the past ~two years.

The latest missive, from a newly-formed statewide coalition of "fracktivists", contained completely incorrect information regarding the SRBC's consumptive use fees and related issues. Evidently, math skills and proofreading are not prerequisites for membership in this elite enclave.  Hopefully, they will respect my request to be excluded from all future communications.

With a full-time+ job dealing with issues and offices across the globe, aging parents, plus a family and home to care for, I have little "free" time to devote to this endeavor...and am even less inclined to participate in an effort that is becoming over-populated by the clueless and misinformed.

PLEASE...get it right, or get out of the game.


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