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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Susquehanna Bubbling: 500 days and counting...

As I've covered this issue several times in the past, I'll keep my comments brief.

The Susquehanna has been bubbling methane where it has never bubbled before...for 500 days. The DCNR - on the watch of then Secretary John Quigleyapproved drilling under the Susquehanna from Towanda to the Wyoming County line for the tidy sum of $16.1 million dollars.

Chesapeake Energy has several wells near the section of the Susquehanna that is bubbling. The DEP's Williamsport office refused to make copies of their findings and send them to me, even though I offered to stroke a check to cover ALL copying and mailing costs.

This must come to an end. My march on Fort Chesapeake beginning on 31 July 2012 will be far more than symbolic.

Warrior Road, indeed.

Stay tuned.


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