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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

In the Age of Marcellus: The Rage Builds


Take a look at the faces in the photo above. Anyone looking overtly happy to you?

This is just a snapshot of the growing rage out here in the Marcellus Shale Zone, and based upon what I'm hearing and seeing, it's not going to subside anytime soon. And our own DEP is proposing more injection wells in Pennsylvania? Go figure.

In other news, our good Governor Tom Corbett has fired the Executive Director of the DCNR's Citizen's Advisory Council. The man held the post for ~15 years. Read more about it here.
I wonder: Why him...why now?
Finally, I've received even more letters leaked by concerned citizens. Once I get a few spare minutes, I'll be posting them here.

Frackileaks, indeed.

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