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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

2/17/2012: Five Degrees Beyond Boiling

It should be fairly easy for everyone to understand the simple fact that all life on earth depends on access to clean drinking water.  More than oil, more than gas; all life, especially us homo sapiens type creatures, needs clean water to exist. It’s truly not a subject for debate or deliberation.
Yet, as we begin 2012 in the Age of Marcellus, our cleanest surface waters and groundwater are being siphoned away, laced with toxic chemicals, and pumped underground for profit: all to feed the bea$t.
What does the future portend for our children and grandchildren when our waters are under the complete control of our government?  Is that too far-fetched to imagine? Think hard, my friends.  Look at what the Susquehanna River Basin Commission is doing now; selling our purest water from exceptional value and high quality streams to the natural gas industry with no end in sight.  Does anyone see any of our elected “leaders” trying to stop them? I simply ask; what will your answer be when your grandchildren ask:  What did you do to try to stop this?
I’m not asking for tax-deductible contributions like many of the organizations claiming to be the “leaders” in the fight against the Marcellus madness.  I am not asking anyone to write letters to their newspapers or elected leaders. We are well beyond that.  I am simply asking you to look in the mirror and ask:  
Who am I, what do I stand for, and what am I willing to do to join others and stop this? Resting one's loins on past laurels is no longer an option.
**Frac the Mic Check. Time for a gut check, my friends.**
Five degrees beyond boiling…great date for a protest on the DEP/SRBC’s doorsteps, n'est-ce pas? 

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