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Sunday, January 8, 2012

2012: Time to put the bar on the floor

The holidays...fiscal year-end at work...ongoing parental-care matters...and a never-ending onslaught of Marcellus-related calls, e-mails and issues;  it seems like it's been non-stop for the last two months, and I do not believe there's an end in sight...at least not until 12/21/12. 

Anyway...I'm up & running again. I thought my cable modem was the problem, but according to the ISP technician that came out to our house yesterday afternoon, we had "too many splitters" ( which they previously installed ) between the main cable junction and the eventual connection to the modem. I won't argue with his diagnosis simply because it was free and it's fixed.

As an update, to my knowledge as of this past Friday, the SRBC has not yet responded to the letter sent by several of the leading environmental groups in the commonwealth. Not a peep. Anywhere. That shouldn't surprise anyone. Unfortunately, instead of recognizing the fence-mending opportunity a reconvened meeting would provide, the SRBC appears to be stonewalling. 

In my opinion, this decision - if final - is an egregious error in judgment that will make their next quarterly meeting in March - provided they have one - even more contentious than the December meeting in Wilkes-Barre...if that's even possible. Like a river...time is a continuum, and the documented adjournment of their 12/15 meeting before the vote on water withdrawals will not go away. It was a mistake, it cannot be undone, and it needs to be corrected. Post haste.
Speaking of the aftermath of the SRBC meeting, I received an e-mail from someone who claimed to be very knowledgeable about the SRBC. (S)he proceeded to tell me that I was "hurting the cause" by my actions after the meeting - specifically being part of the letter to the SRBC - and they chose to make that statement in an open forum by cc'ing several people I knew...and several I didn't. Suffice it to say that was an error in judgement on their part, an apology has since been received, and I'll hopefully not have to deal with that expert again until they understand the issues.
Folks, our government at all levels is supposed to work for us...We, the People. Unfortunately, that concept appears to have slipped beyond the grasp of the vast majority of those who were elected or appointed to do just that. That needs to change.
Whether Anno Domini or Common Era, my prediction for 2012 is that you'd better strap in and have lots of Dramamine close by. And tippy-cup lids should be used at all times.
Resurrecting a battle cry from the bygone days of my youth...

it's time to put the bar on the floor.

Hey...no comments about the hair. It was the 70's!


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