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Saturday, January 21, 2012

21 January 2012 - Weekend Weminiscing

Since the first of January, I've been spending what little "spare" time I have transferring files from three older ( borderline ancient ) desktop PC's to an external hard drive before I yank the drives from these relics and recycle the rest. And try as I might...just when I think I'm ready to pull the plug, I find even more files, pics & documents tucked away in some obscure folder that deserve archiving. Anyway, I'm down to my last PC, and I hope to be able to pull the plug on that one by the end of today. I know I have some of those 100MB disks in a box somewhere that contain most if not all of my older netcarrier.com Susquehanna River Sentinel posts dating back to ~2003 or so, and this last PC has the larger floppy drive needed to access the data. Should be fun finding those puppies after 5+ years of being in storage...somewhere.

Switching gears...here are some random pics from recent travels throughout northeastern PA.

Above & below: 32 years ago, on Valentine's Day, I took my wife of (now) almost 30 years on our first "official" dinner-date at the Old Fell House in Wilkes-Barre, PA. I knew the owners, so I reserved the table right in front of the fireplace that contained the legendary iron grate used by Jesse Fell. And yes, I brought a single red rose. Now...a significant piece of history is a vacant parking lot.

Below: Sunrise, windmill & waning moon on Friday, 20 Jan 2012

Below: Moya - a really cool restaurant in Jim Thorpe, PA.

Below: One of the historic Doors of Jim Thorpe ( f.k.a. Mauch Chunk )

Below: Full moon rising - January 2012

Below: Toby's Creek near Rte 309 ( Luzerne County, PA )

Below: Explore...you never know what you'll find.    

Have a great weekend.


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