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Sunday, October 2, 2011


Whew!   The boys & girls from PSU are on their way back to Happy Valley. Not only did we really enjoy hosting this great group of young adults...we'd gladly do it again. We'll start stockpiling food for the next visit once we assess what we have left in the pantry & fridge...

After putting in ~11 hours on Saturday, they only "canned"  for a little over 4 hours on Sunday, but they raised another ~$2,000 to come in at a total of ~$6,800 for the weekend ...including almost $1,200 in coins.  I'm sure the folks at the bank really enjoyed watching me max out the capacity of their coin-counting machine...twice.

Eleven PSU students gave up their weekend to raise funds to help kids and their families struggling with cancer.

Someone want to criticize college kids today? Come see me.

So to Kaitlin, Isabella, Jenna, Bryan, Erin, Sean, Paul, Chris, Kristen, Ashley and Devin...tell your parents they did a great job. Hope to see you in February.

Here are a few pics to close out our Atlas THON-a-thon weekend. I need a nap.


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