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Friday, September 2, 2011

365 Days and Counting...

Thanks to Chesapeake Energy's nearby natural gas drilling operations, the Susquehanna River has been bubbling methane in Bradford County near Sugar Run since 09/02/2010.

Thanks to Hurricane Irene, river conditions are not optimal for underwater filming of the still bubbling Susquehanna on the one-year anniversary, so I'll save that trip for another day.

The Susquehanna River is the most endangered river in America, and this is far from over.


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  1. My cousin felt the earthquake (8/23) in French Azilum, Bradford County. He was sitting on a couch talking to a friend in Moscow when the couch started to move. It stopped moving, but it continued to vibrate for about 30 seconds. No kidding- an earthquake in French Azilum! Home of a lot of gas wells....... (and just a few miles north of Sugar Run)