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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Third Spill in PA EV Stream in 2 Weeks!!!

Believe it or not...they're in the news again.

The DEP needs to shut them down and shut them down immediately!

The Marcellus Multiplier is taking on a whole new meaning...



  1. "Laser's director of pipeline engineering services Kevin Marion said the boring under the creek was designed "excessively deep" to try to avoid the problem, but the Susquehanna County terrain has led to inadvertent returns 'more often than any other place I've ever worked.'"

    In other words: they have no idea what they are doing in Penssylvania's terrain, which turns out to be completely different from anything they've ever worked in before.

  2. I think natural gas drilling operations in Pennsylvania could be called a crap shoot. When something happens, like THREE inadvertent returns in a few days in an exceptional value creek, the comment from the gas companies seems to be surprise. Never seen anything like it. However, a video shot by a citizen right after the first mud incident, contained an interview of a woman who said she was one of the people in charge, and she said this wasn't all that unusual. She said it would all be cleaned up, and then the drilling would resume. Well, we find ourselves on spill number three. How many spills do we need before this company is shut down for good?