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Sunday, August 28, 2011

IRENE: Man vs. Nature - Part II

I guess it's somewhat unrealistic for me to have expected our sump pumps to keep up with 10" of rain in a ~12 hour period...because that's what we ended up getting from Hurricane Irene in H-ville USA. 

Here are some before and after shots of my impromptu wind-proof rain gauge I set up yesterday afternoon in my side yard:

 And about 12 hours later. That's a lot of rain.

Anyway, I picked up three floor fans and a 2nd dehumidifier for our basement this morning, plus some other side trips that will be good fodder for a future post.

Here's a shot of Skippack Creek this morning. It's normally about an inch or two deep and two or three feet wide at the most.

I've got five fans pushing air and two 50 pint dehumidifiers running full tilt right now in my basement. The water in my sump pit is about 4" deep and dropping. I slept about 2 hours in the past 24...so it's crash and burn time.



  1. Oh, my gosh, Don! This is shocking! You live in Wyalusing, right? (Or don't you divulge your location?) So when I see a little creek like this raging, I cannot help but think of all the drilling and well pads, impoundments, frack pits, etc. which are all over the place. It is such a bad situation.

    Peacegirl aka Carol

  2. Carol: I am a native born son of the Wyoming Valley. My ancestral and spiritual home is near Wyalusing Rocks. I live in PA, but not where stated in my profile for a couple of reasons.


  3. Similarly, some of my readers assume I live in French Azilum. I have a spiritual tie with that place, but have never lived there. It is significant how we feel close to the lands of our forebears. This is a profound connection and one for which I am grateful. It is so sad that Bradford County, among other beautiful counties, is being poked full of holes filled with toxic chemicals. Even though I realize it is only for the money, I still cannot accept it.