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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Earthquake: One (Almost) Final Thought


Thought I'd share this article that someone forwarded to me last night, especially for those visitors that thought my glacial rebound post was a little far-fetched:

Why it was felt so far away

Some of the quake activity, especially in the Northeast and into Canada, also can be traced to the melting of continental glaciers after the last Ice Age. Hudson Bay is rising about 2 centimeters a year – the crust rising in a process akin to releasing a squeezed ball. That also adds to the stresses on the crust.

It's all connected, folks. Cause and effect. Relieve stress in one spot...create stress in another. How many times have you witnessed unintended and/or unanticipated consequences in your life? Action here...reaction over there.

For some scientists to immediately say none of the multiple quakes over the last few days were connected is bad science; period.
BTW...check out this little story. Seems that when it comes to earthquakes, some of our planet's "lower" life forms are more in tune with nature than we are.


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