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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Earthquake: Lessons Learned Long Ago

Hey, folks...glad you survived the East Coast Earthquake of 2011.

Do you remember this post, written over six months ago...especially the closing comments? Or how about this one...written two weeks before yesterday's quake?

Then check out this brief bio about one great teacher and geologist.

Dr. El-Ashry was the Earth & Environmental Sciences department chair @ Wilkes when I was a student there. I studied under him, and worked on several of his projects. I learned a lot from him as well as two other geologist/PhD-types while earning my degree.

So within seconds of feeling yesterday's tremors while sitting at my desk, I walked out of my office and proclaimed to my startled co-workers: "That was an earthquake."

I've had some great teachers all along the way, folks, and I loved anything having to do with dirt, rocks, water and the science of the natural world. Over the past 30+ years, I haven't stopped studying and learning.

Yesterday's earthquake was only the beginning. And the geologists working for the natural gas industry damn-well know it...

...just like I do.


1 comment:

  1. At least PennDot is checking the bridges. Do you think anyone is checking the pipelines and cement well bores?