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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Clueless in La-Lazerne County PA

If I hadn't read about a similar tour of a natural gas compressor station being given recently while the facility was mysteriously not operating for some inane reason, I would have probably let this one pass. But I did, so I won't.

Read the details about Chief's recent dog & pony show here.

For the record, I believe the compressor station was intentionally idle so those on the tour would not be exposed to the incredible noise and the, ummmmm, pungent aromas wafting within and downwind from this industrial complex.

I truly hope those on the tour DEMAND a return inspection while the compressor station is running at full throttle. And I'd further recommend checking out what the Mayor of Dish, TX has to say about being located next to a compressor station. 

And you've gotta check out this video of another natural gas compressor station in western PA. Sore throats. Nose bleeds? Nahhh, no connection whatsoever.....

Have a good weekend, folks.

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