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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Thunder Blizzard

Having grown up in the mountainous Ridge & Valley region of northeastern Pennsylvania, and having lived near Lake Ontario ( outside Canandaigua ) in upstate NY for a few years, I am familiar with driving in deep snow and blizzard-like conditions. 

On the way home last night, I was one of the few folks on the road. In the last ~three miles of my commute, I saw no more than 3 or 4 cars. The snow was coming down sideways and at the high rates the NWS had predicted. I was driving on a winding two-lane road in the suburbs when a flash of lightning - if only for an instant - turned the blizzard into an absolute whiteout. I've witnessed a few thunder blizzards over my lifetime, but I've never been driving in one. With the exception of the image of my car's dashboard, I felt as if I was driving in a completely white room. Awesome experience.

Anyway, I'm guesstimating we got ~10" or slightly more ( Update - Measured 15.0" on our deck ) in our neck-of-the-woods. This morning's digout and commute should be fun.

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