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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Backyard Garden Hose becomes Flamethrower

Hydraulic Fracturing in all its glory. Of course, Range Resources will claim otherwise or just ignore the issue. Thanks to TXsharon @ Bluedaze for posting this video.

The Susquehanna River in Bradford County, PA has been bubbling methane, and who knows what else, for 145 days and counting.

Everywhere they drill, private water wells are becoming contaminated. How much longer can our government at any level ignore the blatantly obvious connection?

The gas drilling industry in Pennsylvania is a ticking time bomb. Imagine the possibilities when we hit twenty, thirty or forty thousand wells...and beyond. Do you actually believe the same companies that are fracking the living Hades out of Texas will get it "right" here in PA?

Or NY?
Look in the mirror, folks. Are you willing to sit idly by and watch this happen?

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