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Sunday, November 28, 2010


The number and the nature of recent visitors to this blog has taken an interesting spin. From what I'm hearing from my fellow anti-fracking bloggers, they've also noticed a similar uptick in traffic, especially from the DC and Harrisburg areas.

Okay...I confess. I think I forgot to pay a parking ticket ~15 years ago when I was at our regional office in Freehold, New Jersey. Then again, I believe the office manager made a call or two and had the ticket quashed. I truly cannot recall. Oh, and I missed Mass two weekends ago. Or was it three? And yes, I was born in Luzerne County, and I never worked in the Courthouse, but I did have a few beers at Patte's Sports Bar over the years, and I paid him money to go on a bus trip to see Penn State play Maryland sometime between 1974 and  1978.

Was that illegal?

And yes, I admit, the Nike sneakers I'm wearing in my profile photo were made in China.

Seriously - you're wasting your time here. You have plenty of unfinished business in Luzerne and Lackawanna Counties and BTW, have you checked out Big Dan's Big Blog lately?

That guy scares me.

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