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Friday, November 26, 2010

Chesapeake Inks Deal in Nursing Home

There's low...and then there's this. In 2007, Cheasapeake inked a deal with a 94 year-old woman in a nursing home. At $50 an acre.

But there's far more to this story.

We have it all here: unscrupulous landmen tracking down an elderly woman at a nursing home through one of her children, a death bed wish, family vs. family fighting over missed opportunities, Chesapeake not returning phone calls and quoting a century-old law in support of their sleazeball tactics, and - in the end - the "offended" grandchildren signing a lease and taking the money anyway.

These folks, the NG folks that is, take the word "scumbag" to a whole new level.

And as far as the grandkids go, I wonder what Lloyd Stevens would say? 

Seems everyone has their price.


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