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Friday, October 1, 2010

AWWA Journal - September 2010: The Threat from Hydrofracking

A good friend who happens to have a Ph.D related to some aspect of water chemistry, and who also works as a scientist for one of the largest water utilities in the country, mentioned to me last night that the September issue of the American Water Works Association had an article on hydrofracturing.

It does.

The title: The Threat from Hydrofracking

Here's one quote:

"Even with a separation distance of hundreds or thousands of feet, this still represents a threat to the water supply." - from page 28, September 2010 - Journal AWWA.  

Now folks, the AWWA bills itself as "The Authoritative Resource on Safe Water".  Here's a link to their website, but you have to be a paying member to get a copy of the four-page article beginning on page 26.

Here's my Q?: If a leading water quality association like the AWWA refers to hydrofracturing as "a threat"...shouldn't we who drink water every day to live take notice?

Like a stone skipping across a pond, the ripple effect continues...

P.S. - Ripped out all the soggy carpet, rented a 36" hurricane-force fan, and need to crash & burn for a few hours.


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