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Friday, September 24, 2010

WV DEP Shuts Down Chesapeake Drilling Site

Now...if they could only figure out how to stop the fire.

Eventually, the entire industry - including Chesapeake - will have to stop touting their safety record; provided it existed outside their marketing department's fertile imagination to begin with.

BTW folks, as you read this, the Susquehanna River at Sugar Run is still bubbling volatile methane and the report that was supposed to have been ready a week ago is nowhere to be seen.

I wonder why there has been a delay?

To all of my visitors from Europe, Asia and beyond; it's getting very nasty over here in the Marcellus Shale Zone. New fresh drinking water wells are being contaminated every week, our coldwater trout streams and aquifers are being sucked dry, and our rivers are bubbling methane where they never bubbled before. Please do not believe all is going well and that drilling using horizontal hydrofracturing is safe. IT IS NOT!

If someone asks you to sign a lease to drill on your property, please mention my name when you slam the door in their face.

Finally - we'll be taking a group of 'yakkers out this weekend to sweep the Susquehanna near Mehoopany. With the number of new wells on P&G's property, there's got to be some bubbling going on - and we'll find it.

To my visitors from Latvia:  Sveiks

Have a good weekend.

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