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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tom Corbett's "Sound Science": Here We Go Again

First things first. My recent abbreviated posts were caused by some personal issues involving aging parents. For anyone that's had to deal with the gradual decline in the physical and mental well-being of loved ones, I need go no further. For those not there yet, start reading and preparing now.

Recent events will cause me to hang around a little bit longer than planned. Sorry about that. Finding that my Harrisburg protest on Earth Day and involvement in Gas Stock made it to the ITRR's Terrorist manifesto was more than enough to rekindle the fire.

"Molten" might cover it.

Then, I had to read about PA Governor wannabe Tom Corbett's "sound science" plan for our future in this article this morning. This latest revelation has me around through Election Day, at minimum.

First and foremost, please read that article linked above at least twice; remembering that Tom Corbett is the #1 recipient of campaign contributions from the natural gas industry. They call...he jumps.

Hold that thought.

For those new to following environmental issues, the term "sound science" has been around for awhile, but was a buzzphrase that reached its zenith during the Halliburton Cheney-Bush years. My own interpretation is that sound science means scientific data provided by and/or supported by an industry - regardless of its accuracy or source or consequences - to achieve their ultimate goal of making money. Here's Webster's take on science, and for a little longer read, here's a broader definition of the term "sound science" and examples of industries/individuals that have made use of it.

Right now, I believe there is a massive cover-up going on in Harrisburg. Anyone who received bulletins from the Institute of Terrorism Research and Response (ITRR) are scrubbing their e-mails and paper files to eliminate any trace that they were aware of  the fact that Pennsylvania's citizens, just like me, were having their peaceful and lawful activities monitored by their own government. 

As Pennsylvania's top law enforcement officer, Attorney General Tom Corbett was more than likely on that distribution list. If he was, he should step down immediately. And if he wasn't, then do you really want someone so out-of-touch with violations of our constitutional rights and where our tax dollars are going to be in charge of the entire commonwealth for the next four years? 

Sound Science says: No Blanking Way!

I'll ask it again: What did Tom Corbett know, and when did he know it?

P.S. - To all the folks on the state's ( MY ) payroll parked here during business hours...back to work.

P.P.S. - Have a nice day.


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  1. "sound science" is sticking your tongue out at the mountains of correllations and sayin "Ha Ha you can't prove it" Like common sense, and wisdom count for nothing in Corporate America