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Saturday, August 7, 2010

My Trail of Tears

For those who are not familiar with the travesty known as the Trail of Tears, spend a few moments educating yourself here.

From my perspective, what is happening in this country today, and specifically as it relates to the Marcellus Shale frenzy, is not far removed from events of ~170 years ago. Our federal, state and local governments are doing what they want to do and ignoring the will of the people who will be most affected by their decisions. We are being quietly but forcibly shepherded along a path that will lead to the unparalleled exploitation and degradation of our land and our waters, not only in our lifetime, but for countless generations to follow. And we are not doing enough to stop it.

As most who visit regularly know, I stepped away from my normal posting frequency this week. I needed to reflect upon where I was...and where I thought I needed to be.

I am now refreshed and refocused.

My planned walk on 8/21/10 from my beloved Susquehanna - one of the most ancient rivers on earth -  to Gas Stock in Lehman is my own personal and spiritual Trail of Tears...sorta in reverse, for instead of being driven away from all that I cherish, I truly envision this as a change in direction toward a new beginning.

Beginning at sunrise on 8/21, if only for a few blocks or a few miles, please consider joining us.

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