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Monday, August 9, 2010

+ Passages to Knowhere +

It seems one of our longtime NEPA bloggers has taken to posting recipes and pictures of triangles. In some circumlocutious way, I think he's challenging at least one of his fellow cyberscribes to stray outside the Marcellus Shale sandbox.   

Okay, HJ - challenge accepted.

This one's been building (?) for quite some time, and more verses will follow in future posts.

P.S. - Any good Welsh Cookie recipes?

Passages to Knowhere
I met a Wizard in the woods
His voice rang out like thunder,
His gaze met mine then trailed away
And I began to wonder.

How many vernal storms had passed
How many leaves had withered,
How many moonlit nights had cast
Stark shadows from this Wizard.

How many wigwams rose and fell
How many maidens married,
How many weary hunters stopped
Beneath his boughs and tarried.

How many of his kind had passed
Beneath the axe and plowshare,
How many ghostly echoes called
From friends that now were elsewhere.

I pondered if he understood
What pain my kind had tendered,
And if within his lofty crown
A sim'lar fate was rendered.

I caught his wand'ring eyes once more
And knew he now was willing,
To answer what I had to ask
About man's greed for drilling.

Before I could begin to speak
He placed his orb before me,
Then motioned to the realm within
And said: 'This lies before thee'.

Verse I - Passages to Knowhere 
Don Williams



  1. Oh, someday someone will sit down and do an analysis of what I post when, and how things are grouped. I think there are patterns there, but I'd really rather not speculate on what might be going on there. Technically, I think I shouldn't know...

    Anyhoo. My planned post for today goes in a completely different direction!

  2. ....aaagh! Foiled! Your "above the headline" post from yesterday is now missing! Wait, I have ways...