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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Skivvie-less Saturday Mornings

My favorite day and time of the week is Saturday morning. I'm usually awake before five, and the first thing I do is draw water from our (still) clean private well and get it boiling in an old-fashioned whistling tea kettle. I dump 10 scoops of coffee into our large stainless steel Bodum coffee press, pour in the boiling water, stir for about ten seconds, then let it sit for about 5 minutes or so. I drop in the plunger/filter...press away while uttering a few words in French...then pour a cup of a brew that'll jolt any college student out of a post Friday night lethargy faster than a call from  mom and dad stating "we just got your grades and are on our way for a visit". After the second cup...I don't stop flying until Sunday morning.

I caught a post last night on the Blogfather's site about a local (northeastern PA) radio show host making a derogatory comment about bloggers. I'll let you catch the details here.

Give it a rest, Steve. Bottom line is we are a threat to you and, truth be told, most of the still solvent media outlets out there. Most of the time we are far more knowledgeable about the subject matter we choose to write about than you, and most of us don't go about attacking or attempting to belittle folks in an effort to somehow inflate our lackluster self-esteem as you seem to thrive on doing.

I'm pretty darn content with my life ( except for work ). I don't blog in my grandmother's basement in boxer shorts or briefs. Right now, I'm in a pair of Under Armour Shorts, an Adidas top, and a pair of Cole-Hahn sandals. I've got enough technology within arm's reach to outperform most small companies out there without leaving my chair. My attire at times may not qualify as business casual, but I am comfortable as hell both inside and out. And after my second cup of coffee...I get the headdress on and I'm ready to blog.

How about you, Steve? What do you wear when nobody's around?


  1. Awesome pic.

    Who took it? Wifey? If so, she probably thinks we're all crazy.

    Anyway, Chief Muckamucka ain't got nothin' on you 'cept for a few thousand braves.

  2. Nah...my daughter took the pic. My wife normally leaves the house when I get into high bloggin' mode.

    I think a jury of our peers would find most of us borderline certifiable.