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Friday, July 30, 2010

Earth to Chesapeake: Mineral Oil my *ss

Do a Google search for: Chesapeake spill Laceyville and you'll get all the reading material you'll need.

An "estimated" 10 barrels, or 440 gallons, of "mineral-oil based" fluid leaked onto asphalt and turned it into, according to a news video, a "spongy" mess. I wonder what the full list of chemicals in this substance might contain? I wonder how they arrived at their estimate so quickly?

Of course, per one article, "Chesapeake said the incident does not present a threat to public safety or the environment." So the road is unusable, but poses no threat to public safety? Hmmmm.

Chesapeake is rapidly becoming public enemy #1 in the God, Guts & Guns capitol of northeastern Pennsylvania. They just don't appear to be bright enough to see what lies ahead.

P.S. According to the USGS website, Bowmans Creek is off limits again for withdrawals at one of the SRBC's approved sites. I hope they're monitoring Mr. Randy W. closely.


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