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Thursday, July 29, 2010

GAS STOCK: Nine Bands and counting...

I've received a couple of updates from the organizers of Gas Stock. The response so far has been incredible, and I'm sure in the days ahead we'll be hearing more from Barb, Roxie and the rest of the folks who are working hard to put this important event together.

Right now, there are nine bands committed to performing, with several more under consideration. If you'd like to participate, or know someone who should, get in touch with the Gas Stock crew today via e-mail @ Roxiep9@aol.com

Almost every day, I read letters and comments online from people who ask "why are we letting this happen?" or "we've got to stop this". Well, next to voting everyone out of office who supports "responsible" natural gas drilling in any way in the next election, Gas Stock is the closest thing on the horizon to rally around and support.

In other words, talk is cheap. Get involved today.


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