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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Mundy's Marcellus Miscue

I applaud and support PA State Representative Phyllis Mundy's call for a moratorium on all new Marcellus Shale drilling permits. Until I'm able to read the actual legislation she is proposing, it would be a little premature to go into any great detail at this time. 

However, her 2,500' setback distance from water supplies falls well short of what is really needed. If a lateral wellbore stretches 3, 4 or even 5 thousand feet from the drillpad, what good is a 2,500' limit? As I've stated previously, the line in the sand should be drawn at 1,000' beyond the end of any lateral wellbore.


One of the comments left in a local newspaper said that Rep. Mundy "gets it." To a certain point, compared to her fellow legislators, I agree. But someone is giving her very poor advice on the setback distance.When I read the specific language contained in her bills, I will comment further.

Remember this; any new bill starts off with an idea - or need - and a blank piece of paper.

Let's get it right.

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