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Friday, May 21, 2010

Tom Corbett: PA's Flop Cop

By now, everyone who follows blogs online should know about this issue.

To say that this Republican candidate for Governor of Pennsylvania has stepped into a political minefield is an understatement of biblical proportions. He can backpedal, or avoid comment, or have his SpinMeisters twist this any way they want...but he has made a major, major miscalculation. Of course, his arrogance will lead him to believe otherwise. That and the hefty contributions from BIG OIL.

Mistake #2.

As PA's current Attorney General, he is supposed to enforce the law, not abuse it. I did not believe this man was worthy of my vote in the primary, and he's proven me right in spades.

The bloggers and what's left of the mainstream media have already jumped on this. Personally, in addition to focusing on his every move from now through November, I am going to take down every roadside "Corbett for Governor" sign I see.

I wonder, my fellow Americans, is that against the law?

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