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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Temple Posts 3/18 Shale Summit Papers & Pics

As many frequenters of my quarkdom in cyberspace know, I attended the 3/18 Marcellus Shale Summit @ Temple University. My follow-up post was one of the longest to date, as were the number of visitors from BIG OIL over the next 36 hours.

Anyway, Temple has now posted the presentations, notes and quite a few pics from the event. For those that know me...I am NOT asleep in the first pic prominently featuring my profile. This is my normal posture when someone is either making a complete fool of themselves or uttering an outright lie. In this particular instance, it was the former.

If you do nothing else, I'd recomment checking out this presentation...starting with slide #13. I lost it right about at slide #21, as did the PhD sitting next to me.

And, as anticipated, Chesapeake still has slide #16 in their presentation, which is an outright lie. 

Shall we revisit this impermeable bedrock issue one more time?

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