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Tuesday, November 20, 2018

50 Shades of Clueless

For centuries before the colonization of Penn's Woods, the forests were so thick in the Poconos between Easton and the Wyoming Valley that they were given the nickname "The Shades of Death". It is written by some that it was almost impossible to see the sun on the brightest of days due to the dense arboreal canopy overhead. 

Having read hundreds of journals written by the early explorers of this continent, especially the Susquehanna watershed, what we see today is a tattered remnant of the majestic forests that existed only a few centuries ago.

From climate change to forest management, our current president is totally clueless regarding ANY environmental issue, and I continue to be amazed that there are any people left who actually believe anything this poor excuse for a man and a leader has to say.

Tempus can't fugit fast enough for me. 

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