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Sunday, March 6, 2016

March 6, 1944: Raymond, Donald and Hillary

I've been posting/blogging online since October 1999, and as many of my fellow longtime bloggers know, I rarely stray into the arena of politics - and when I do - it's brief.
Over the past week or so, as I was thinking about today's post for one of my family history blogs,  images/thoughts of Donald Trump & Hillary Clinton kept popping up in my mind. And not just randomly. It happened far too often to be just a coincidence or insignificant, so whatever the connection is, I decided to do my best and run with it. Someone or something was prompting me to.
My Mom's brother, Raymond M. Raykovitz, died in WWII on March 6, 1944. Here's a link to today's brief post on The Raykovitz Chronicles.
I find it incredibly difficult to understand how, in a nation of over ~323 million people, we cannot come up with presidential front-runners better than Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.
The former is a complete egomaniacal flavor-of-the-moment buffoon, and the latter - among other shortcomings - has empty, soulless eyes; a thousand-yard stare with nothing of worthwhile merit to be found within.

In my personal opinion, neither is fit to lead this country...or me. I wouldn't follow either of them down a well-marked Boy Scout trail. And should there ever be a judgment day of reckoning for the USPS employee that was cashing checks meant for Gold Star parents, I would not be shocked to find a family connection to either or both of the folks mentioned above. 
I will vote in the upcoming ( less than ) presidential election. Unfortunately, if current standings hold, the lesser of two evils applies here. Then again, you never know what tomorrow might bring.
Raymond's burial @ Arlington - March 3, 1949.
I'd vote for him.
Above: Ray's Mother circa 1965. No further caption needed.

RIP, Ray. 

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