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Friday, November 13, 2015

An Autumn Road Trip & Mountain Man Soup

This past weekend, I decided to take a road trip north to see my Mom and visit some friends along the Susquehanna River in NEPA. My many stops for photos included Bowman Creek, Tunkhannock, Laceyville, Wysox, Barclay Cemetery and Sugar Run.
What a great way to spend a cool & sunny late autumn day!
Thanks to Dan & Karen Natt for the Barclay Mt. road trip and sumptuous repast.


Umm...666? Really?

Below: The Susquehanna River @ Wysox and Bradford Bear

Sunroom of one terrific Mountain Man and a legendary natural turkey caller.




Below: An immature bald eagle @ Sugar Run

And, my friends, no cool, crisp autumn day would be complete without a bowl ( or two ) of "Mountain Man" soup. As I'm not 100% convinced what type of critters went into this incredible dish, I'll just say I'm pretty sure there was some venison in it. ;o>
Can't wait for my next trip to the wilds of NEPA.

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