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Saturday, July 18, 2015

The Rain Cometh...

As I offered in a previously posted header, I've noticed a significant uptick in the # of visitors to this blog and, as of late, a greater percentage coming from Europe and many other points on the globe.

Welcome / Bienvenu / добро пожаловать / 欢迎
 With almost 1,100 posts on this site alone, and another 3,000+ on an ISP that shut down almost 5 years ago, I've probably repeated myself many times over the past 15+ years of blogging.
Yesterday, I noticed several visits to this post from 2012, and would ask that all who visit check it out for a minute or two. I'm not sure if all the links still work, and although written over 2 years ago, I clearly recall taking my time ensuring my accelerated 24 hour clock of the Susquehanna's existence was accurate.
My next few posts will be dealing with water, my recollection of my earliest days fishing, and what I believe lies ahead for me...and my river.
Just hear my first rumble of thunder a few seconds ago.
Time to get the rain barrels ready.
Above: So what have we accomplished in 11 years?
Above: From a very soggy Riverfest 2009
Above: An old brick-lined sewer outfall near Wilkes-Barre
Above: At the end of a ~200 mile paddle in 2004 near Sunbury PA.
Above: Evidence of 2004 flooding found on an island. Any visible trace of this trailer has long since been washed away or covered by debris.
Above: The photos above are of two young girls playing in river water on a day when multiple CSOs upstream were spewing raw sewage into the Susquehanna. The wall in both pics has narrow gaps to allow water in and out when the river gets this high. When I told the parents they should get their daughters out of the water - and why - I was met with a lukewarm "Really?..."
When I got home later that night, I posted about what I saw and several pics  similar to those above.
The next day, that area was completely roped off with warning banners.
The results from water samples taken from this spot that evening were never made public.
Go figure.  

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