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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

PA Pipeline Task Farce

The members of Governor Tom Wolf's Pipeline Infrastructure Task Force Farce are listed here.
From my decades as an environmentalist, I know many of the folks on the list, including several members of the Environmental Protection workgroup.  One of the individuals listed in the workgroup below was an ardent supporter of a plan to dam the Susquehanna River which fizzled out in 2008.
Imagine that; with all we know about the negative effects dams have on free-flowing rivers, an "educated" individual who blindly supported doing just that - damming a river - was selected to participate in a pipeline infrastructure workgroup tasked with...environmental protection.

To be fair, I'm sure many of the individuals appointed to this Task Force are deserving of being selected and will do their best. Many others are not and will drag the good folks down. 
I can't wait for the first public meeting...if they ever have one. 

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