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Friday, June 19, 2015

Buttons and Timelines

Two ( or 2.5 ) quick thoughts for the day:

1). The sale of SOS buttons has topped $3,000. I will be adding my $10.00 this weekend.

 "Once we raise that first $100,000 we’ll start doing projects and I’m hopeful we’ll get to the point where we can say the river is recovered."
Unfortunately, the PFBC has a long way to go...a very long way, and I'm not referring to money.
2). I've read several estimates that 95% of the "old growth" redwood forests along the CA/ Pacific coastal region have been cut down over the last ~150 years or so. 95%.  Since many of those trees were well over 1,000 years old at the time, it would take - with no intervention by man - roughly 1,000 years to return those same regions to their former state.
Fact is...we've been slowly but continuously altering the Susquehanna's watershed since the late 1700's; 200 years or more
And how long will it be before we ( the PFBC ) can say the river is recovered? A few years?
Guess again.

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