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Friday, May 29, 2015

PFD's are NOT Optional

First, my sincere concerns go out to the family of a boater that is missing after a recent accident on the Susquehanna River. The first question that came to mind when I read about the incident was answered quickly:
"NRP officials said neither of the men were wearing life jackets, and there was a small-craft advisory Tuesday because of high winds and choppy waters."
Read more here.
So...two guys paddling at night, in one boat, during a small craft advisory, on a major river - with no life jackets...and a cooler.
Sorry, folks, but that is a perfect recipe for exactly what happened.
I hope the Nolan Zorn ( newspaper reported name incorrectly ) family's ordeal comes to an end soon, and Mr. Trainor should be banned from boating on anything more than a puddle for the rest of his life. This was an easily avoided tragedy.
Thought I'd share this recent pic sent from a fellow anti-fracker.

Nice touch with the flag & bald eagle, but Pro-Coal? 

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