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Friday, March 13, 2015

Obituary for the Proud American Craftsman - Part I

As each of our children graduated from college, we found that our cash flow began to improve...little by little. We survived 9 years of private grade schools, 4 years of private high schools including some of the top $chool$ in the Philadelphia suburbs, and four years of private universities...all times three.

And it was worth every cent & sacrifice.

So, each year for the past ~5 years, we've taken some of that newfound cash and invested it into our home and 401(k)s. New roof, new heat pumps and completely new internal heating/cooling system except for the ductwork, new garage doors, new walkway and fire pit patio, new sunroom windows...and so on. No expensive trips...no expensive baubles.

Okay, maybe a new kayak. And better beer...

Anyway...this year, we went for new gutters and downspouts and having 25+ year-old wallpaper stripped from two rooms on our first floor and painting them from ceiling to baseboard.

And that, my friends, is where the nightmares began.

More in a few.

Happy Friday!

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