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Sunday, January 4, 2015

Fare thee well, Bradford County!

This morning, when I read this article in the Times Leader ( Wilkes-Barre, PA ) about the return of the Eastern Cougar to northeastern PA, my thoughts turned to Bradford County.

For some additional background on the "cougars in PA" issue, check out this link, which has some interesting first-hand accounts.
Anyway, I have been traveling to and passing through Bradford County for over 50 years; first as a youth to visit relatives in upstate NY, and more recently to kayak & fish on the Susquehanna and visit my friends all along the river. I will simply offer that things have certainly changed there in the past decade, and not for the better.
To that end, I will dedicate the next several posts to Bradford County, where it's been, and where I see it headed. 
Of course, since I don't live in that county, there will be critics. However, in the context of caring about and acting to protect the Susquehanna River and its watershed, their voices ( 99% of them, anyway, allowing for a few who are doing their part ) will be coming from the cheap seats.
Below are some pics of the Panda Liberty Power Station being built along the Susquehanna River.

The three pics below are courtesy of Dan Natt.

The skyline and lifestyle that once existed in Bradford County continues to inexorably shift from bucolic...
...to industrial.
And that is truly a shame.
 More in a few.

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