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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Étienne Brûlé: 1615-2015

According to just about everything I've read, ~20 year old French explorer Etienne Brule travelled down the Susquehanna River from near present-day Sayre, Pennsylvania to the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay in 1615.
Accompanied by Susquehannocks and perhaps others, many believe he was the first European to paddle down the Susquehanna along that stretch of the river. Since there is plenty of historical evidence to support much earlier visits to that region ( Sayre/Carantouan) in the 1500's by the Dutch and Spanish,  suffice it to say that Etienne Brule was definitely one of the earliest.
In a series of stages, mostly on weekends, I plan to paddle the majestic Susquehanna from Sayre to either Shickshinny or Sunbury in 2015. I've paddled this section of the Susquehanna many times, so I know there are plenty of opportunities to stop/camp/refuel and visit historical sites along the way.
I'll be looking for folks to join me for one, two or perhaps all of the stages. 
More in the days ahead.


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