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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Sunrise Atlantic Pipeline: Conestoga Massacre II

Over the many years I have been posting here, and actively working to bring awareness to the past, present and possible future of the Susquehanna River, I often wondered; why me...why now?
For my longtime visitors, you know that every December - for well over a decade - I have paid tribute to those men, women & children slain by the Paxton Boys in December 1763 in what has become known as the Conestoga Massacre. 
For the first time that I can recall - ever - I had to walk away from my laptop this morning in stunned disbelief when I read this article.  Best described; I felt as if I had just read my own obituary.
I knew the time was coming...just didn't know how or when or where.

It's here.
"Williams has said it is working with the Pennsylvania Historical & Museum Commission, and could go under the site and/or preserve any artifacts it finds as it performs the dig."
"In part, the disconnect may be due to the fact that the last of the Susquehannocks, or Conestogas, who once populated this area were killed in the infamous “Conestoga Massacre” of 1783; the tribe no longer exists. But Robins, who traces her lineage to the Onondaga, said Native Americans share a sense of collective history — and outrage when they think it’s being defiled."
1783? Get it right newspaper people.
Regardless of the placatory sound bites they continue to produce, Williams Partners must reroute their pipelines away from this and other sacred sites...period. 
If they refuse...

           ...history may very well repeat itself.
Since the folks from Tulsa and their affiliates will be showing up here soon, for the record: I am not a member of any of the various coalitions or groups that have sprouted like weeds in the past few years.
You and your brilliant psyops team can figure out the rest.
Then again...

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