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Saturday, November 8, 2014

Saturday Morning Sunrise: Coffee & Chemtrails

Folks, all of these pics were taken in Montgomery County, PA on Saturday  morning, November 8th, 2014. 
If you aren't concerned about what they are spraying, and how it could impact human health and the environment, you damn well should be.
Do you trust our government?
Do you really think they know what they're doing?

Happy Saturday morning!


  1. Those are condensation trails, not someone spraying something. Why does everything have to be some sort of conspiracy?

  2. Dear Anonymous from F-burg VA: Thanks for stopping by & leaving your anonymous comment. Sorry, did you intentionally leave out your name and gender? Anyway, I respectfully disagree. Unlike some who point to every wisp of water vapor or overcast sky and scream chemtrail, and there are plenty of those conspiracy theorists out there, I'm looking at what I am seeing with a little more knowledge than most. Been observing the skies for decades...and what is happening is far beyond water vapor from exhaust condensation or wingtip vortices. Do you have any proof to the contrary? Regards,