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Monday, September 8, 2014

Energy Executive Patrick Henderson: DELETED!

Patrick Henderson is Toxic Tommy Corbett's "Energy Executive."
In my prior post, I linked to an article about $150,000 in grant money being awarded gifted to an organization with strong connections to the natural gas industry.
I expected the comments to flow...and they did.
Believe it or not, Mr. Henderson himself posted a comment that basically accused the newspaper of being biased in its reporting. Unfortunately, I did not save a screenshot of what he had to say.
Here was WITF's response to the comment being deleted. 

To WITF/WHYY and the person(s) who made the decision to delete Patrick Henderson's comment:
I fully support your actions.
If Governor Corbett and the team he has assembled are unwilling to respond to your inquiries and face the music, kick their industry-kissing *sses out of the concert.
Now I have a question for you, Mr. Lambert:
Why did Laura Legere leave?
I'll be calling later this week if I don't receive a response via email.
Happy Monday!

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