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Monday, September 1, 2014

Drillers Fudge Fracking Waste #'s

 Oops! Human error...again?!?!
Read the rest here.
The revelations contained in the article linked above should not surprise anyone. Honest and complete disclosure is not part of their corporate culture; never has been, never will be.

Can't wait for these folks to make their way to the South Newark Basin...

These will all be sold by then...

These I'm keeping...

Hope everyone in the USA is enjoying the three day weekend. After lugging a cast iron tub, a refrigerator, several recliners and multiple bags of "stuff" up a narrow set of cellar steps this weekend, I am taking Monday as complete R&R; both mentally & physically.

My maternal grandparent's cast iron tub ( Made in Baltimore in 1928 )

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