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Friday, July 25, 2014

Two years downstream...

Two years ago today, a methane survey was conducted along Rte. 414 in Bradford County, PA. The equipment used was the most hi-tech gas detection technology on the planet.
The results were documented in this study.
I took a small loan against my 401k account to fund the field survey, as I felt very strongly that what I witnessed during several trips to the area between late May & July 22nd  needed to be documented.
And here we are, two years later, and all the "experts" out there are still scratching their scrotes - so to speak - and the clueless and/or industry-backed naysayers are alive and well.

Check out the 40+ comments on the article I linked to yesterday.
Within the next two months, I will be conducting my own field survey on the Susquehanna River in Bradford County. Where there once was methane bubbling in the river, I believe there is now fracking fluid oozing from the streambed. So do a few others.
Right or wrong, I will report my findings here.
 All pics above were taken 22 July 2012.
Stay tuned...and Happy Friday!


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