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Sunday, June 29, 2014

RiverFest 2014: Into the Light...

All kidding aside, I want to thank a lady named Heather for her last minute dump & run. Although probably intended as a smack in the face, it turned out to be anything but that.
In other words, it backfired - BIG TIME!
Anyway, I ended up having two young boys in my 16'6" 3-seater kayak, while my paddling partner of the past ~11 RiverFests, their grandfather Mark, went solo for the first time. Thanks to David Buck of EMO for bringing along a few extra kayaks.
I don't have the time to go into a lengthy post, but suffice it to say I had an engaging dialogue about the environment, specifically acid mine drainage, with an 11-year -old ( Zack ) that would put-to-shame most of the self-proclaimed environmental "experts" out there. His methodical thought process as he developed his series of questions, and the intellect behind them, far belied his obvious age. At one point during the back-n-forth, I actually wondered if some PhD type had coached this kid the night before...he was that spot-on.
If it hasn't happened already, I hope some teacher recognizes and nurtures his gift.
He will go places.
And his younger brother Jeremy was quiet at first, but from what I'm hearing, plans to be back next year and has already announced he wants his own boat. 
Here are a few pics and a few final comments about RiverFest 2014.
Above: The Wyoming Valley from the eastern ridge.
Below: The annual shuttle bus to the starting point.

By the time we rounded the next bend, and without even trying, we were in the lead and listening to the point person giving an excellent talk about the variety of wildlife found along the river. And there was one bald eagle sighting before we passed the Coxton Bridge.
So much for being out of paddling shape...and too old to keep up. 
Above: Anyone want to start a pool as to when this thing falls into river...and/or who ends up paying for it?
Below: Paddling Solo for the first time...and working the abs hardcore
Below: Mark and his grandsons.
Two great kids.
And on the opposite shore...on what should be the biggest draw of the year?
A total of 7 people...including me.
Gee...I thought this was supposed to attract millions of visitors?

Below: @ Hollenback Cemetery on my way home
Follow the light? Really?
Be prepared for what you may find...
More here.

In closing, I hereby and categorically deny any false and slanderous accusations that I ate a little green, nasty-tasting bug while in the river. As an avowed omnivore, I am above such things.
P.S. - Tasted like burnt broccoli.
Until next year...

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