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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Conspiracies in the Clouds

I established a Facebook page several years ago at the suggestion of a Wilkes classmate ( who now happens to head PA's DCNR ) as a way to keep in touch with fellow classmates who were interested in organizing a class reunion of Wilkes College EnviSci graduates from the 70's. 
I spend very little time on FB, but when I do, I find the offerings of a few folks somewhere between exceptionally humorous and - at times - downright unsound with no basis in fact. Zero...Zip.
To one fairly active FB'er in particular: 
Not every overcast sky is caused by human activity, and many unique cloud formations - e.g. "straight line clouds" - have a very simple explanation. If you want to learn more and climb a little higher on the credibility scale, I'd recommend taking a meteorology course or two ( or more ) and perhaps a few physics classes like I did many years ago.

Pics above were taken in the Wyoming Valley in NEPA.
All pics were taken by me.
Pics below were taken in SEPTA on the R5 train facing east.

Neither of the formations shown above were caused by human activities.
Then again...
Enjoy the rest of your weekend...and Carpe Diem, Baby!

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