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Sunday, December 22, 2013


Finally...child #3 has graduated from college.
The event spanned two days in Happy Valley, a/k/a State College, PA. Friday night was the Schreyer Honors College Presentation of Medals. Saturday morning was the Fall Semester Graduation ceremony for all Pennsylvania State University students.
As I am still recovering from the whirlwind ~360 mile round trip and all that happened in-between, this will be a short post.

The last four years at the main campus of Penn State University have provided my son with a great education, both in the classroom and in the harsh realities of life. Think "Sandusky", and you'll understand the latter.
Anyway, my son received three great job offers prior to graduating. I am happy to report that, on his own, he turned down a six-figure starting salary ( I saw the offer in writing ) from EX*ON to accept a position at another energy giant that includes going for his Master's degree...ON THEM!
The Bank of Mom & Dad is officially closing...
As my oldest child is also going for her Master's degree, I have at least two more graduation ceremonies to attend in the years ahead. I look forward to both.
Here are a few pics from Friday and Saturday.
Above: The topic of his Schreyer's thesis.
And finally, my son somehow felt that with all he accomplished over the last four years at Penn State, there was one thing left to be experienced: 
Getting kicked out of a bar.
So...on his last night before officially graduating, he made it happen.
Oh where did I go wrong?!?!
Congrats, son.   

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